Monday, July 25, 2016

Catching Up

Hello Again!

We moved to Idaho and lived there from June 2014 until September 2015. We had some lovely adventures, and met some truly wonderful people.

Shane decided to go back to his job in Albuquerque, and so we spent a lot of time looking for a home we could love. We finally landed back in the East Mountains where we had come from before. And we have a nice little spot on two acres with a neighborhood pool.  The house needs work, but a little house project never hurt anyone...I think!

Homeschooling has been a little choppy the last two years. Because we were in Idaho, we could visit my side of the family very easily. So we went somewhere often, and school got shelved in favor of vacations. Never mind all the moving around, and so we are schooling right through this summer. We'll be back on track in the fall, though.

Lucas(12) became a Boy Scout last year. He loves being with boys his age, his Scoutmaster is a truly gifted individual, and Lucas is not hampered in his success by his disorganized mother. So he is pursuing advancement and merit badges galore!

Julia(10) is enjoying being back in NM with one of her oldest friends. She recently went to Summer Camp and although she was away from us for a week, and sprained her ankle badly on the last day, she wished it could go on forever. She has been crocheting like crazy, with her latest accomplishment being a Yoshi. The kids are really into the game "Yoshi's Wooly World" which is a Nintendo game where everything is made of yarn. Super cute!

Aidan(9) is itching for some new sports horizons. He loves to swim, and ride his bike. He also likes going with Lucas on Scout-related hikes. He will test the limits of his body in every way, and we need to give him safe avenues for this! He also loves to read, and can often be found during chore time on his bed with a book.

Shane and I are focused on the house right now. We are putting in tile, and it's quite a learning process! We are also trying to finalize a plan for the kitchen remodel. I'm anxious for this, as I still have more than half my kitchen in boxes. The kids and I are gardening, and making good use of the pool.

And that's the catch-up for now!

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